Dear Friends and Customers:

It has been an amazing run but after 30 years of serving up fresh, creative and delicious popcorn flavors we have made a decision to close down operations at Madly Pop’n.  

In the days and years between our first Valentine’s Day in 1985 until our final holiday season in 2014, we have been blessed to help our customers show their gratitude toward others with creative one-of-a-kind  gifts and snacks.   It was always flattering when a customer would come into our store in Oak Park with a 20 year-old popcorn canister and have us re-fill the tin because our popcorn was part of their family’s Christmas Eve tradition.   Family members have always been the backbone of our workforce, but we have been blessed to spend time with so many fine young people and employees who made working long hard hours a joy.  As I prepared to close our doors, the biggest smiles and belly laughs came from up-packing the memories of the good times spent with employees who seem more like family than employees.

We would like to thank you for your support and friendship over these past three decades.  Saying goodbye is always hard…but the best is still to come!

Best wishes for 2015 and beyond!

Erik Claesson
Former Chief Popper
Madly Pop’n